Game Developer WebGL/WebVR

NetEnt Stockholm

As we are building NetEnts first WebVR games we are staffing up with skilled real time 3D developers.
The position is still game developer but with a needed expertise and experience in WebGL and preferable WebVR. This kind of developers is probably not the same target group that we normally reach, they are more likely to have a background in gaming and 3D engines.

Work Tasks and Responsibilties
– Designing and creating the next generation online casino games using WebGL and WebVR
– Developing the tools and framework for how we create the future of online casino entertainment

Skills and Knowledge
Senior to expert level. We are building our first real WebGL/WebVR product and need someone that can work together with our team and both help create the foundation as creating a great VR game experience.

Skills wanted (org. by priority):
1. WebGL (Very important)
2. WebVR (+ vr optimization techniques)
3. Common 3d game engine knowledge (mostly optimization)
4. Mobile development.

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