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We are a Stockholm-based digital health startup operating since 2013. We’ve had over 25 million downloads and have helped countless people to live happier and healthier lives. We believe in a human approach to health, using data and behavioural science to try to help people live better lives.

Job Description

Lifesum is looking for a Software Engineer to join their platform team.

You would be joining a small but experienced team that is responsible for the APIs that the mobile clients consume. We strive to write well-tested code that scales to the needs of our growing user base, and ultimately helps people to live healthier and happier lives. Join our world-class team and help build the future of Lifesum!

”Help people around the world to live a happier and healthier life”

Lifesums stack

We are migrating towards a service based architecture, breaking up our Django monolith into smaller pieces to make us more flexible and maintainable. We are cloud hosted on AWS, running our Python and Go apps in containers against Amazon provided services.

Our services are primarily APIs which are consumed by mobile clients, asynchronous tasks running longer operations, and occasionally web-facing UIs. Our philosophy is to choose the right tool for every job, giving us flexibility in the way we work.


  • Develop and maintain services that drive our mobile and web clients
  • Connect with our partners by integrating 3rd party APIs
  • Work in cross-functional teams to help design and deliver new user experiences
  • Contribute to the overall design of our infrastructure
  • Help and mentor others when needed

Required qualifications

  • Solid knowledge and confidence in architecture
  • Fluent in Python, Go or a related language connected to agile software development
  • A passion for lean, clean and maintainable code
  • Open, honest and collaborative worker
  • A high level of curiosity
  • The desire to grow and to share learnings with others
  • Fluent (written and verbal) English

Preferred knowledge

  • Understanding of network protocols
  • Experience with production environments running on Linux
  • Experience with docker, AWS, terraform or dev ops generally
  • Experience with databases, relational and/or document based

What you can expect from us

There’s a few things about Lifesum that aren’t exactly the norm:

  • Passion. All companies might claim this, but Lifesummers show real passion and dedication to their work. Our blame-free culture encourages experimentation, which helps us all learn and grow.
  • Trust. We work with a little less formal structure than you might expect from other companies. This means more freedom to suggest, champion and set direction, but more responsibility to communicate well and get others on board. It works because we trust each other to work in the company’s best interest.
  • Diversity. Our team comes from over 20 countries, and bring with them a rich mix of backgrounds, worldviews and working styles. We rely on these different perspectives to make sure we’re solving the right problems.
  • Balance. We strive to maintain a good work-life balance, enabling people with families to feel at home here, as well as making the stress level manageable. If you are interested in exercising, we have group runs in good weather and the gym next door.

If you think this sounds exciting, we’d love to hear from you. Send us your resume and please tell us why you are interested in this particular position and why Lifesum is the place you want to be.

About Lifesum

Founded in 2013, Lifesum is a Stockholm-based tech startup with a vision to make it simple for people everywhere to form habits that build towards healthier, happier lives.

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