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About the role

As a Backend Developer at Kaplan, you will build leading marketing technology solutions in their highly skilled tech team. You will be a part of Kaplan’s Marketing Technology department (today 25 people; Backend and Frontend Developers, Solution Architects and System Specialists) building meaningful customer journeys and experiences. You will be building technical development plans, collaborating with the customer team and with colleagues.

All of our projects are unique and adapted to the customer’s situation and goals. You will work on designing and optimizing data-driven communications across all digital channels as well as work with content distribution for personalized experiences. Our customer team is cross-functional with system specialists and developers, strategists, creators, and analysts. Most of the time, we work from our office on Sturegatan in Stockholm and sometimes from the client’s office.

”Designing and optimizing data-driven communications”

About you

As a Backend Developer, we expect you to have a technical understanding and a consulting focus. It is important for us that you grasp the entire technical whole, to understand how the customer’s system will be used to achieve high quality in customer communication.


  • At least two years of Backend Development experience
  • JavaScript – In this role we use server-side JavaScript, but if you have experience with JavaScript on the client side that is also valuable. We often use vanilla JavaScript, but we also use frameworks, phenomenal if you have experience in building frameworks.
  • Data modeling – You can develop data models at various levels, from simple to complex depending on the need. You have a deep understanding of how data is structured and have a keen interest in working with large amounts of data.
  • Integrations – Integration environments vary, and you have made integrations to different systems. We also often help to define integration methods together with our clients.

Experience in customer management, Adobe Marketing Solutions as well as CRM is a strong advantage.

About Kaplan

Kaplan is Scandinavia’s leading Customer Management firm. We bring in-depth customer insight and customer management services to our clients, through technology, strategic, analytical and creative solutions. Our team of 80 dedicated consultants works on a daily basis with insights from more than 10 million Nordic consumers, and constantly find new ways to earn their dedication and deliver measurable results. We partner with our clients to help them transform into customer-centric organizations, and to put customers first in all they do. We help them achieve what we call “True Personalization” – a customer experience that is truly meaningful to each individual.

Kaplan helps clients navigate the marketing technology landscape and are proud to be in partnership with many of the top tier global technology partners such as Adobe, Salesforce, Tableau, Inriver, and IBM. Having implemented and developed some of the markets most advanced solutions, we continuously innovate new features and functions that make the customer journey smoother and more fun.

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