CEO to Swedish market leader with international ambitions

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We are looking for a CEO with the optimal blend of strategic and operative experience and a strong set of leadership/relationship-building skills to lead the company into the next phase of the company’s growth.

Safemind is now helping a profitable Swedish online business finding a new CEO to secure their vision of taking their solution to other international markets. They have today a market leading position in Sweden and their healthy business model is based on an ad-subscription model. They see that their solution is ahead of competing solutions in other countries. They are currently in the process of researching different opportunities and challenges in several European countries (initially) to decide and find the best strategy to enter and establish in new regions. 

”Take online solution to new markets”

They have an in-house tech team that today handles and develops their solutions and will play a central role in creating the adjustment for each market. The current operation also has a customer service function and a few other roles, where many central functions are outsourced. Potential new recruitments will be made going forward and will be the responsibility of the new CEO.

The Swedish operation will take up a smaller part of the new CEO’s time and focus will initially be to create the business case in order to secure sufficient funding to enter each market. Once the funding is in place the main focus will be to enter the different markets through different marketing activities and gain enough transaction to get the business running. You will drive the creation of the business case together with the founders/owners as well as their CTO. The owners will continue to act on a board level but not operatively in the day-to-day business


You need to have experience in securing financing for tech investments. We believe you do not need to have experience in being a CEO but rather having experience from leading an organization with P&L responsibility (tech organization operatively, including personnel, P&L and investor relations).

This is a great opportunity for someone who has:

– an entrepreneurial mindset

– a tech background and enjoys the challenge in expanding to new markets

– track record of building and managing a team and ability to work internationally

– ability to work cross-functionally with tech, product, marketing, sales, etc.

The key to successful international expansion is securing sufficient financing to support the marketing efforts. The communication will focus to create awareness in the new markets for users to see the benefits of their solution compared with existing solutions.   

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