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Coop Digital

Coop is making a brave move with a new puzzle piece to its organization – Coop Digital, combining forces from the existing online business and digital offerings. They are now recruiting specialists in order to create new ways of helping customers buy food tomorrow and in the future. Coop has hired the well-known entrepreneur, Amer Mohammed, with excellent track record of using AI and machine learning to create the perfect customer experiences, to help take Coop into the future.

Are you interested in being part of the teams that will create Coops new digital offering? Below are some words from the new head of Coop Digital, Amer Mohammed:

Elon Musk is trying to “move humanity to become an interstellar species”. If you believe that he cannot do that, then Coop Digital is not the place for you. But if you think that nothing is impossible, then you might have a home with us – we just need to check your level of sanity before you join. We need to find exactly the right balance between crazy visionaries and sane people who can make this happen. Preferably, you are both.

About the role

As CRO specialist you will work with the overall strategies and optimization of conversion being responsible for set-up of A/B-tests, capture and analyze results to continuously improve the outcome.

Your typical responsibilities include identifying opportunities to constantly improve the customer experience, mapping Coop customers’ journey as well as clarifying triggers and barriers. You will take action and use an iterative approach to optimization, continuously taking test results and data into account in formulating new tests and hypotheses. Manage and optimize landing pages and website calls-to-action making it easy for a customer to start using Coops online services. Another important part in this role is to communicate and anchor results with stakeholders.

You will be a key team player working hands-on with making sure that Coop’s digital offering works all the way and becoming a leader in its field.

”Create new ways of buying your food tomorrow and in the future”

Your background

We believe you are passionate about numbers and optimization! You have an analytical mind and you can translate big amounts of data into actionable inputs to drive strategic decision making. You have excellent experience with Web analytics, A/B-testing and love to create hypotheses to test as well as configuring and evaluating the tests. You are also well experienced in Google Analytics and set up of Google Tag Manager.

What does Coop Digital offer?

The journey you are about to join will offer you a combination of an entrepreneurial environment with a focus on sustainability and the opportunity to work with latest digital technologies in AI and machine learning to create better app and services for all of us – whether it is to put tasty food on the table or make sure the toilet paper does not run low.

You will be part of a fun team with high ambitions in creating change and making an impact in the digital space as well as creating new solutions for the members at Coop.

Coop HQ is located in Solna Business Park, about 10 minutes from the city center. It is a spacious office with a green slide leading you down to our restaurant – because great environmentally friendly food is what it’s all about in the end.

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