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Coop is making a brave move with a new puzzle piece to its organization – Coop Digital, combining forces from the existing online business and digital offerings. They are now recruiting specialists in order to create new ways of helping customers buy food tomorrow and in the future. Coop has hired the well-known entrepreneur, Amer Mohammed, with excellent track record of using AI and machine learning to create the perfect customer experiences, to help take Coop into the future.

Are you interested in being part of the teams that will create Coops new digital offering? Below are some words from the new head of Coop Digital, Amer Mohammed:

Elon Musk is trying to “move humanity to become an interstellar species”. If you believe that he cannot do that, then Coop Digital is not the place for you. But if you think that nothing is impossible, then you might have a home with us – we just need to check your level of sanity before you join. We need to find exactly the right balance between crazy visionaries and sane people who can make this happen. Preferably, you are both.

About the role

As the tech lead within the app team, you will play a key part in building Coop’s future apps and mobile services. Coop is aiming to provide excellent user experiences and through a mix of awesome design, machine learning and close cooperation with end users, the goal is to provide the world’s most efficient, inspirational or sustainable ways of meal planning, journeys through the supermarket and home delivery options.

You will be a part of a cross functional, autonomous team, consisting of app developers, architects, UX and UI designers, PO:s and business managers, both locally and nearshore. Time to market is crucial and rather than working on traditional waterfall type projects, the organization is moving towards shorter iterations and insight driven development.

Your first mission is to get deeply involved in the next major update of the Coop customer app, focusing on existing and future Coop members’ needs and challenges in day to day life. As well as being part of developing new features, you will make sure existing functionality is optimized and gracefully brought into the future. You will be the link between the team in Stockholm and a nearshore team and you are expected to write code on a daily basis. The team is new, and you will help to navigate technical challenges, set processes and create a Coop app team-culture.

”create the perfect customer experiences”

Your background

We know that you have a background as an app developer with deep knowledge of either iOS or Android. You have worked closely with developers on both platforms and any experience with React Native would be a bonus. Even if you haven’t had the formal title ”tech lead” before, you have been instrumental in setting a structure and technical direction for your team and projects. Depending on your platform of choice, you need to be a highly skilled Swift or Kotlin developer.

We also think that

  • You have been part of a cross functional team before, providing technical feedback on suggested designs and cooperating with designers and QA to create kick ass user experiences.
  • This is not the first time you work closely with designers.
  • You are used to working in an agile environment, with team members next to you in the office and nearshore.
  • You are able to assume ownership of technical decisions, structure and processes. Sometimes on your own, sometimes together with others.
  • You have strong analytical skills as well as a creative side – both when it comes to technical solutions and ideas for the future.
  • You’re always eager to get your hands on new technology and you know when to be bold and experiment with the latest stuff from Apple/Google and when not to.
  • You understand that as a tech lead at Coop, you will be in contact with a lot of different stakeholders and technical experts so excellent communication skills are a must.
  • By knowing Coop as a company, you understand that there are plenty of components in their digital landscape and that the apps you build will have to integrate with more than one backend system, data base and cloud service.

What does Coop Digital offer?

The journey you are about to join will offer you a combination of an entrepreneurial environment with a focus on sustainability and the opportunity to work with latest digital technologies in AI and machine learning to create better apps and services for all of us – whether it is to put tasty food on the table or make sure the toilet paper does not run low.

You will be part of a fun team with high ambitions in creating change and making an impact in the digital space as well as creating new solutions for the members at Coop.

Coop HQ is located in Solna Business Park, about 10 minutes from the city center. It is a spacious office with a green slide leading you down to our restaurant – because great environmentally friendly food is what it’s all about in the end.

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