Senior Game Developer

Resolution Games AB Stockholm



Resolution Games focuses passionately on visual computing. We create amazing social games that everyone can play. Being a small studio we really value creativeness, power of initiative and professionalism, as well as team spirit and personal responsibility.

“Our core is great games”

About the role

This is a great chance to become an essential part of a small and talented development team. The VR & AR field is far from explored and has endless possibilities – as our new senior game developer this is your chance to explore them. You will work in an autonomous environment where you will have a vital part in all stages of development, from idea on paper to finished product.

Responsibilities and what you will do

  • Develop well-structured and high performance code of high quality
  • Collaborate effectively with other developers, concept artists, 3D artists and game designers
  • Unity development for Android, including physics, sound, graphics and UI
  • Work with meshes, shaders, lightning, optimizations and integrate audio
  • Create technical designs and implement efficient solutions
  • Design and implement framework solutions

We are looking for someone who has

  • Excellent programming skills, with at least a few years of programming for games development
  • Experience from creating awesome games for devices with limited performance (Oculus/mobile)
  • Considerable knowledge of C# and Unity 
  • Excellent communication skills and attitude

We are looking for people who love game development and who are dedicated and innovative, passionate people with a will and drive to become the best of the best. We pride ourselves in our flat work environment where everyone’s thoughts and ideas count. Take the chance and join us at our office located in the Stockholm city center. We offer a fantastic opportunity to be involved in the early phase of VR/AR and visual computing. Join us!

About Resolution Games

Resolution Games is a Stockholm, Sweden based studio focused on creating virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) immersive experiences for all — from games to non-gamers alike. We aim to go further when it comes to what one can do with VR and AR across social engagement, character development and gameplay — taking full advantage of the incredible sense of presence and immersion possible with VR and AR. We love games and have loved games more or less our entire lives. Our core is great games because that is what we want for ourselves: games that help us relax, make us laugh, and excite us.

We are a team of veterans and multitalented people who draw, design, code and produce everything with a pure passion for gaming. 

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