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Mutate is a small startup based in Stockholm, Sweden with a growing remote team. They’re developing a social gaming and game-creation platform where anybody can make or play games with their friends, aimed at late teens and young adults! Accessibility and inclusiveness are a core part of our product, and their vision is that anyone can be a creator.

Mutate is looking for a Software Engineer to join their Core Systems squad – responsible for their core engine, core gameplay, high-performance data structures, networking, streaming, physics, and more. They are looking for someone who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty with low, system-level stuff and who is passionate about architecture and performance!

About the role

As an engineer at Mutate, you will be responsible for mentoring junior engineers, bringing your experience to the table, generally and in retrospectives. You’ll bring architectural insights to the challenges your team faces. You’ll foster Mutate’s core values within the team (Playful, inspiring, collaborative, compassionate, user obsession, and innovation), with this drive you and your team to do your best!

To this, you’ll write clean, maintainable, and performant code and write tests & documentation. Collaborate with your team to deliver on sprint goals and with this understand how your work impacts the user and the product.

”A creator is just a player with an idea”

You’ll join a passionate team of 10 engineers based in Stockholm, working with agile methodologies in small 3-4 person domain teams. Their engineering culture is driven by: Communication – Sustainability – Efficiency – Experimentation – User-obsession – Autonomy. These drive a high-quality, sustainable codebase which in turn, drives an awesome product!

They have an awesome tech stack using a mix of in-house & open-source technologies but also: C++17 (Core engine), Vulkan, CMake, C#/.NET Core (Gameplay), Windows, Linux.

About you

  • Have at least 3 years of experience working in a similar role
  • Have expert knowledge of modern C++
  • Are very familiar with performance optimization (cache misses, alignment, latency..)
  • Are proficient with software design & architecture
  • Have experience working with both Windows and Linux
  • Have experience shipping on consoles or working on embedded systems
  • You are an excellent communicator

About Mutate

Mutate is creating the future of social game-play and creation. Humans are creative by nature. Social media platforms with UGC (User-generated content) at their core are being used by more that 3.6B people. Yet the gaming-industry hasn’t taken advantage of this opportunity. Creating games today is simply too hard. Still, some of the best games have been created by players in the modding community. Mutate is taking advantage of this by building a platform where game-creation is both simple and collaborative. A place where anyone can create, play and have fun

At Mutate there is a strong belief that in order to create something extraordinary the team has to truly love what they are doing and how it is done. To achieve this they strive for:

  • Organized play sessions (with the product) weekly.
  • Fun-weeks (for personal and professional growth) and team events (to grow as a team).
  • Continuous review of processes, always iterating best practices.
  • A team of amazing, friendly, smart colleagues from all over the world.

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