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About Bidbrain

Bidbrain is helping many businesses that want to succeed with Google Shopping ads / PLAs. Thanks to sharp algorithms, Bidbrain’s AI tool maximizes return on ad spend (ROAS) by automatically looking for the sweet spot in cost-effectiveness inside bid clusters. By bidding smart, the tool helps businesses outperform their competition and place their ads on top of Google Shopping. While the AI is doing the heavy-lifting, the user is given automated bidding strategies, feed optimizations, and in-depth analysis, all in a transparent and easy-to-use package. 

”a company where technology is everything”

About the role

Part of parent company Speqta, everything related to Bidbrain’s tech environment will be your main priority. However, the organization at large has a broader product portfolio and you will also be involved with maintaining other products such as Vinklubben and Affilijet.

Your main responsibility will be the technical vision for Bidbrain and to set ambitious goals going forward. This includes team leadership such as planning and following up on daily tasks for the team in-house, evolving team culture, holding 1-on-1’s, establishing roadmaps and time estimates, etc. In addition to this you will also be an individual contributor, in particular in the beginning. Your participation in the management of the offshore setup and supporting the organization’s other products will be highly valued. As Bidbrain grows, you will focus more and more on establishing workflows and evolving processes around planning, QA, and monitoring. 

The stack is built around PHP 8.0, Laravel, MySQL, Redis, Sphinx / Elastic Search & REST CRUD Api. As you will be assessing the big picture of what the development team is working on, the more of the used technologies you’re comfortable with, the better.

About you

Being CTO at Bidbrain is an exciting opportunity to work with skilled people and a product that is constantly growing in capacity. To thrive, we believe that you are already comfortable in a leading role and possess both the skills and experience to bring the best out of a team. Even if you haven’t been CTO before, you’ve probably been deeply immersed in technical leadership and produced at least one successful SaaS product in the past.

Since Bidbrain’s products handle large sets of data, processing millions of users with individual parameters, having experience from optimization of scalable products is highly valuable, so is a background in backend development. Although rooted in the technical realm, we believe you know how to take the business aspect into account as well.

Relevant education is always nice, of course, but ultimately we will consider your capacity, skills, and knowledge. 

More about Bidbrain/Speqta

Speqta is a dealmaker. Our people, platform, sites, and services work hard day and night to deliver the most relevant customers to all our clients and partners, at scale. We help small businesses grow and large businesses excel and exceed their targets. Earlier this year Speqta launched Bidbrain.com as a SaaS, while still having another series of products and services live. 

Working for Bidbrain is being a part of pushing e-commerce to the next level. We have a fully committed team where we really enjoy working together. A good reason to join us is because you want to be a part of achieving something, a bad reason to join us would be because you are looking for something easy to do. The Bidbrain team is assembled of people who are entrepreneurs, artists, and travelers as well as business professionals. The environment is truly supportive and your colleagues will be second to none.

We care a lot about getting the job done and feeling good while doing it. We care a lot less about exactly when you start or stop working throughout the day. We are keen to give a lot of freedom (in both time, space and tasks) to the people who can live up to our expectations. We have seen this lead to great personal and professional growth in the company.

Our HQ is in central Stockholm, easily accessible from all regular means of transportation. Any day you head into the office there will be breakfast waiting for you, as well as samples of snacks, tea, coffee and other things you might want. 

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