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Creating Strawberry is the biggest step taken since the chain began challenging the Nordic hotel industry under the name Nordic Choice Hotels, over 25 years ago. As it embarks on this bold journey, Strawberry needs your ideas to create more experiences, both within hotels and beyond. As it progresses, it will do its best to live up to the philosophy of founder Petter A. Stordalen – never settle, always push for change, and keep evolving.

Strawberry is a natural evolution of a burning vision to make the world a better place – more meaningful, more sustainable, and more fun. With over 225 hotels, 120 restaurants, 20 spas, and more, it creates thousands of experiences every day.

The Role

As an information architect, you’ll be part of a project team and work in close collaboration with the Head of the Decision Support unit, all made up of brilliant people who have varied skill sets and work in a supportive culture – making this a fantastic development opportunity to learn new skills and further your career. 

You’ll be key in implementing a new data warehouse and reporting system, and be a major contributor to Strawberry’s success in Data Strategy, with the primary objective of ensuring that processes and infrastructure align, as well as driving a data thinking culture. 

Task includes, but are not limited to:

  • Develop and manage logical data models supporting the current and future business models.
  • Act as the primary information architect in projects further developing the decision support solution.
  • Ensure data models for decision support are agnostic to specific solutions used by the hotels, incl. areas like property management, point of sales, and events.
  • Manage data definitions and KPIs across business units, as well as links between KPIs and underlying data models. 
  • Work as a key ‘intermediate’ between business units and technical BI teams.
  • Enforce principles for data governance across business units and the decision support platform, with clear data ownership, security, privacy, and quality.
  • Ensure correct ‘mapping’ of data definitions across source systems.  
  • Work closely with the technical solution architects and implementation projects to provide quality input for decision support.  

”Be key to Strawberry’s success in Data Strategy”

Your background

To thrive in this role, we believe you have experience in shaping data landscapes, ensuring data integrity, and driving actionable insights for business growth. If you possess expertise in data modeling, data warehousing, conceptual modeling, and data governance, along with a keen business acumen, this position could be tailor-made for you.

In short, you should have:

  • Experience in the role of information as a value creator.
  • Experience in Business, information, or integration architecture.
  • Experience with TOGAF or other similar frameworks.
  • Knowledge of Data transformation and data modeling.
  • Knowledge of Platforms for collecting, sharing, and consuming data.
  • Experience with Data warehouse, Data Science and Analytics.
  • Good business understanding and commercial interest.
  • Good written and oral presentation skills.
  • Master’s degree in computer science, mathematics, statistics, or relevant experience.

Not least, you should be a go-getter, who likes taking action to create results. You’d do this by being a networker, connecting with the right stakeholders, and autonomously paving new paths forward.

Perhaps you’ve already made significant data migrations and know what it takes to create something new, centralized and more efficient. What’s important is not what company you’ve been at, but rather what ideas you may have for effectively driving data decisions in large organisations going forward.

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