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At Safemind we know what it takes to lead through change, create growth and think on our feet. We have personal experience from leading in both ups and downs in digital tech companies.

In our Executive Interim offering we help our customers and partners to equip their teams with the right competence to be successful. We offer consultancy solutions, advisory services and mentoring to give your team the best chances to flourish.

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Image of Anna Lagerborg
Anna Lagerborg
COO and Head of Executive Interim
0722 483 540 LinkedIn
Image of Martin Öberg
Martin Öberg
Consultant, Head of Executive
0708 777 725 LinkedIn

”Executive Interim”

At Safemind we have helped our customers and partners to fill several executive positions such as CEO, CFO CTO, CMO, CIO, MD and other leaders in the tech segment. We build our understanding on our own professional experience of modern leadership giving us a unique ability to quickly assess the situation, culture and challenges. We have established networks in digital growth companies and we know who have pulled off successful transformations (and who has failed too for that matter). 

”Insights from the market”

Anna Lagerborg has been leading tech organisations for years in roles like CTO or CIO in companies like Hemnet and NetEnt. She is passionate about leadership and organisational development and have led through several transformations. It is super clear to Anna that the right person in the right place at the right time is crucial for success. “The transformation is constant and the trick is to create organisations that work, or even thrive, in change” Today’s leaders have to be courageous, humble, driven and inclusive – all at the same time”

”Relevant network”

Martin Öberg has worked with executive search for 15 years and is responsible for the Executive Search offering at Safemind. His main focus is Executive Search of managers and other key positions to tech intense companies. Martin has previous experience from internet and management consulting. He has studied economics at Uppsala and Stockholm Universities and Organisational Management at University of Derby/Gestaltakademin. He has also worked with leadership programs for large corporations and is certified interpreter of OPQ and Hogans Assessment.

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