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We are now looking for another Senior Java Engineer to join the tech team at DbVis

At DbVis Software, we are passionate about building the ultimate tool for developers to manage the ever-growing world of data. DbVis is a profitable company and our foundation is built on providing highly engineered tools that enable users to connect, manage, and optimize databases and their data.

We are now looking for a Senior Engineer to join our core development team in building the DbVisualizer desktop tool in Java 17. The product is established worldwide, with more than 28,000 customers in 150 countries. It has 6 million downloads and is used by companies such as Tesla, NASA, X, Apple, Uber, and Netflix. We feel proud to have created a tool used by companies and developers globally, which recognizes our commitment to highly engineered products that we ourselves want to use. 

The small team around you are all senior engineers with experience in our specific area. The Founder and the CTO are also an essential part of the development team as they also write code and support our customers. 

What You Will Do

As a Senior Software Engineer, you would be surrounded by a senior team, the product and code of high quality. This means your time is not spent on putting out fires, instead most of your time will be spent on taking on new features where you will own the entire chain from start to finish in the assignments you take on.

It is a genuinely cross-functional role with a high degree of freedom where your initiatives will be expected and rewarded. 

You will also be interacting directly with our end users to understand how they use our product, what problems they have, and what improvements they want to see. 

Our office is located in Sickla just outside Stockholm. We are a hybrid, remote-friendly company, and many of us work from home a couple of days a week.

Who You are

To succeed in this role we think you are a senior Java Engineer with a knack for customer solutions. You are self-going, self-motivated, and driven by discussing high-level programming with your colleagues but you also love solving problems together by deep diving into the details, maybe on a whiteboard at the office. 

You have:

  • Senior skills in Java, JDBC & SQL. 
  • Experience in building GUIs and designing with user experience in mind is a big bonus.

DbVis Offer

High responsibility in a senior environment. Opportunity to work with the whole perspective of development, be an integral part of a senior engineering team, and contribute to the development of worldwide known products.

  • 30 days paid vacation
  • Pension
  • Private health and medical insurance
  • Flexible work 
  • Wellness allowance 

Reach out to us for more information on how we work, who we are, and our views on the role.  

Safemind is the exclusive partner managing this recruitment process.

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