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Research shows that women and other under-represented groups within our industry hesitate to apply unless they tick most boxes of a role description. At H2 Green Steel, we are building an impact company with sustainability at its core. We need a diverse, inclusive, and authentic team to rally behind our purpose of de-carbonizing hard-to-abate industries, starting with steel.

So, if you are equally passionate about our purpose yet concerned that your experience doesn’t perfectly align with the qualifications stated in the job advert, we strongly encourage you to apply anyway. You may be just the right candidate, either for this role – or for another upcoming role in our rapidly growing business.

About us:

H2 Green Steel is on a mission to disrupt the global steel industry by producing green steel, with the end goal of bringing down CO2 emissions to zero. By using green hydrogen and fossil-free electricity instead of coal; water and heat will be our primary emissions. By 2030, our ambition is to produce 5 million tonnes of green steel annually in our fully integrated, digitalized, and sustainable plant in Boden, located in northern Sweden – currently in construction phase. But this is just the beginning – our expertise in green hydrogen will enable us to decarbonize other industries in addition to steel, and we look forward to what’s next in store for us.

Developer – Data Engineer

At H2GS Digital we believe in business truthfulness and accordingly work in business aligned cross functional teams. Our teams work with operations and development over the whole digital technology stack: integrations, operations, analytical data, analysis and frontend. We want you and your teammates to grow outside your respective areas of expertise to solve business’ challenges as they occur.

We are looking for a developer with Data Engineer expertise who is a passionate believer in data mesh principles and wants to build a truly data-driven organization. You and your team are jointly responsibility for your domain’s digital infrastructure and the development and life cycle of the operational and analytical digital solutions. Given your expertise, you’ll be integral in designing, developing, and maintaining our data infrastructure, with a focus on enabling data autonomy and ownership across our business. You’ll collaborate closely with peers and domain experts to comprehend the business’ data requirements, developing tailored solutions to meet those needs. Additionally, you’ll play a key role in crafting and upkeeping our data governance policies and procedures.

This position is based in Stockholm and is part of H2 Green Steel’s Digital Team.

About seniority

We are actively seeking data engineers with varying levels of expertise, ranging from recent university graduates to seasoned professionals. The level of seniority you bring will correspond to the qualifications and experiences outlined below, with more senior candidates expected to possess a broader spectrum of these attributes.

Some soft qualities we value

  • You are curious about new things, but always balancing new ideas towards existing wisdom.
  • You appreciate diverse viewpoints when tackling challenges yet understands the significance of reaching a consensus and adhering to the established pattern for effective collaboration.
  • You are passionate about what you are doing and have a genuine interest in delivering great solutions.
  • You embody a service-oriented mindset, making yourself accessible to your business colleagues. Recognizing that value is substantiated when business needs are met.
  • You communicate effortlessly both verbally and in writing with colleagues and external parties within completely different domains/areas of expertise.
  • You possess the ability to analyze and break down a bigger problem into smaller, graspable parts.
  • You appreciate the importance of understanding and connecting with the organization’s mission, goals, and strategies.

Qualifications we look for

  • An academic degree in computer science, data science or a related field, or equivalent practical experience

Tech knowledge and experience we appreciate

  • Proven experience as a data engineer
  • Professional experience within data engineering principles and best practices
  • Experience with data mesh
  • Hands on experience working with AWS S3, Snowflake and dbt or similar.
  • Experience working with streaming data (e.g. Apache Kafka or similar).
  • Kotlin and Spring Boot in containerized environments
  • Automated software building, testing, deployment and operations using GitLab CI/CD
  • Infrastructure as Code using Terraform
  • Experience working with Kubernetes clusters or similar
  • Experience developing and operating microservice based environments
  • In our agile environment, every team requires a dedicated agile servant to unlock its full potential. If you’re passionate about fostering team efficiency and collaboration, you may also be an ideal scrum master.

What we can offer you

  • The opportunity to work on cutting-edge technology
  • A chance to make a real impact in the world
  • A collaborative and supportive work environment

If you are passionate about data mesh and aspire to play a pivotal role in building a data-driven organization, we welcome and encourage you to apply!

You will get the opportunity to shape your future career together with a company focusing on creating a culture where everyone can thrive and feel a sense of belonging. In the end, we know that H2 Green Steel’s growth and success is dependent on our people and we can’t wait to shape the future of steelmaking and other industries together as a team.  

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